In 2016, after working as a hairstylist for over a decade, I returned to school to become a professional writer. In May 2020, I will graduate from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

I am the recipient of the Emily Gould Nonfiction Prize for my essay, “Heinrich Hofmann’s Christ,” which appeared in the 2019 print edition of Quarto Magazine; the Edgar Richards Scholar Award for my service to the LGBTQ community through media; and NLGJA’s Leroy F. Aaron Journalism Scholarship Award.

I am an alumnus of The Association of LGBTQ Journalists’ CONNECT Student Journalism Training Project, led by the editorial director of The New York Times’ news desk, Caroline Que.

I write literary nonfiction essays, profiles of public figures, and articles about arts and culture, travel, fashion, politics, and LGBTQ-related issues.